Gun owners; are we part

At the end of this week I am going to attend an industry association dinner for Firearm instructors. Last years dinner was terrific and it’s a chance to meet and see other instructors from all over the province. The Saturday is filled with educational talks ranging from legal issue that affect our industry to cross border gun information to children and gun safety…. wait a second isn’t that me? am I not the one who is supposed to give that talk?

Sure I am. I’m the one who did all the research and wrote a book on kids and gun safety right! who could this man or woman be that is cutting my grass and giving a talk to my fellow piers? Then my friends it hits me…..

I or maybe I should say “we” are the part of the problem in the firearms community. We are one of the most passionately opinionated groups known to man. We stubbornly believe our way is it, and the other guy is wrong. Come on admit it,we have opinions on everything gun related. Some believe the Weaver stance is old school and no good, others will argue this gun or that round is superior and we seem to forget that almost 99% of us got into this passion through some sort of mentor.

A large number of us were introduced to a firearm by a family member of friend of the family, others through local organisations like Boys Scouts or Cadets. To most, firearms have given and will continue to give wonderful years of hunting or sport shooting, yet somewhere along the line we as a group started to become more private and close our “doors” to the outside world. Some blame the anti gun community and their lack of understanding towards firearms, others blame the growth in our communities that has forced local gun ranges to close and limit the access to a safe environment for new shooters to learn.

We have to put our gun related opinions aside for the moment, and open up to helping young or old new shooters into our community or we face more a steeper up hill battle.

As for the person giving the talk on kids and guns at the seminar, I will just bite my tongue sit on my hands and try to learn something new….

Stay Safe.



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