Are you that “gun guy”

So it happened again this week; I was sitting talking with some friends and some one say’s “talk to him about it, he’s the gun guy”. Who me, what the heck does that mean? Why is everyone staring at me?

You know who you are…. the guy or gal at a dinner party or social function that people with no firearm experience whatsoever seem to look at with, “the look”. Usually they stare with a pre conceived notion that you own several Elmer Fudd hats and you spend your day’s hunting the Wascally Wabbit..

This particular group I was with, were just regular parents and our bond was our kids played sports together. Some one started talking about their son lining up the night before at a local electronics store to get his hands on the latest version of the video game Halo 4, and all then the talk turned to video games and guns. No sooner did the conversation and opinions start flowing some say’s “talk to him, he’s the gun guy” …..que the looks.

OK admittedly I love engaging/debating people about gun related matters, and yes more times than not I’m going head to head with someone who is way smarter than I am, but on this subject I think I can hold my own. I field all kinds of questions from “aren’t those illegal” to “were do can you buy one, were do you go shooting”. Usually after a typical Q&A secession I feel most people have a little bit better understanding of firearms in general and I hope I haven’t totally made myself out to be that zombie apocalypse guy.

We all have different areas of work and play were we are ” that guy or gal”. Some days I wish I was “the computer IT guy” so I could figure out computer related matters without Google. Ya that’s not going to happen any time soon, maybe I could ask some one here? I think I saw someone wearing a pocket protector for their pens.



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