Toy Guns- Good or Bad?

Well I recently was asked by a friend “what do you think about this toy gun” as a writer and speaker regarding firearm safety I was more than happy to step up and address this issue. I started by conveying my concerns about how toy guns are made to look like the originals, how they can be easily mistaken by police for the real thing. I continued to go on about how does pointing a cap gun or a water gun at another person do anything to help teach children about firearm safety?

It was then my friend gave me the “snap out of it look” and asked again: what do you think of this toy gun, I’m buying it for myself. Oh sorry, its for you not one of your kids.

I suspect half the battle parents have deciding if toy guns are good or bad is their own experience as kids. Back then we climbed trees, played with pocket knifes, and were told to get lost and stay out of the house until dinner or darkness; whichever came first. We played with BB guns, shot tin cans and generally turned out OK. I have yet to meet a parent from my age group that didn’t throw a water balloon, light a fire cracker break a Coke bottle or did something that as a kid today would most likely land you in big trouble or in the spiraling world of political correctness in jail.

Toy guns teach kids to point a firearm real or not at some one, so why not use this time to teach them about safety do’s and dont’s and how to stay safe. Really aren’t we as adults the ones buying these toys?

Oh and don’t forget to ground them if they point it at the dog.



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